Holland HQ Products

Welcome to Holland HQ Product, step inside to find out our motivation, vision and goals

Holland HQ Products

Holland HQ products has been found by the demand of the new costumer. The new costumer is demanding durable products which fulfill the high quality standards. Therefore we select the products which comply our quality standards. After choosing the product we carefully test it to make sure that they also fulfill the costumers needs. We have to be sure that our costumers are satisfied with the product that they buy, so they can use the goods with no worries.

Business orientation

Our business unit is specialized in selling products within the EU and Asia. We have a wide selection of products, which contains products like incubators, hygrometers and especially unique products. We're slowly expanding our product line depending on demand and above all, quality. If you need any specific item which you need for your company, than feel free to leave a message. We can deliver almost any product which is made in the Netherlands or from The Netherlands. We will try to get the product which fulfills your needs and demands.

At this moment we are expanding our inventory with different kinds of products. We search for quality products. Once these are within our standards, we buy more and distribute these to our costumers or trading companies.


We are located in Rijswijk, a Beautiful city in The Netherlands. This is where we carefully distribute our products and ship it to our costumers. We are located centrally and are close by to the Rotterdam and Amsterdam shippingports. We are also close by located to Rotterdam airport and Schiphol. Above all we have good connections with Belgian trading partners.

We offer a variety of quality products chosen by us, or demanded by you. All delivered from the Netherlands! We offer original products which also fulfill our quality standards. We want you to be satisfied by the product you bought, that's why quality is set high in our company. 

If you need a certain product from the Netherlands feel free to ask us. There is a great chance we can offer the product to your location! Don't hesitate and ask us now what you have on your mind.

Before the products leave our warehouse, we inspect them carefully. We want be sure that the products are not only of high quality, but also packed well to avoid any damage upon delivery. Above all, certain products get inspected by an independent specialized company to be sure the products are of the highest standards.